Sunday, December 17, 2017

Zomborg Part 2

Here's the head with some detailing done with paper-clay, and a coat of masonry paint.

My favorite part of the process is doing the foam-fill.
After cutting the head open I hot-glued the eyeball into place from the inside. Then, a short piece of PVC was inserted and expanding foam was added. Fun! This adds stability and provides a handle for the head - maybe for future mounting on a body.

Tan paint job - REJECTED!

Now to add some character to this guy.
Disposable shop towels are great for adding skin-like wrinkles. Tear the towel so there are no straight edges, soak the pieces in white glue, and apply. A sculpting tool (or popsicle stick) is used to move the towel around to achieve that countoured, wrinkled look.

Here he is with a coat of gray paint, pre and post wash. Note how the wrinkles 'pop'!

I'm breaking this up into two posts. Next: Photo Shoot.

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