Monday, June 29, 2015

Monkey Mischief Managed

Well, that's one monkey off my back! Seriously, though, I had a blast making him.

Schlep was created for a community theater production of "Zink: The Myth, The Legend, the Zebra".

Glamour shot

You see, Schlep is a monkey who thinks he's a zebra.

(The costumer produced some amazing results!)

Elegant singing zebras. L-R: Zap, Ice Z, Zip
Here's his first time out of the box* - meeting the actresses.

The hands are leather gloves which were fastened to the arm fabric with pop-rivets. Extra fur was glued to the hands. When the puppeteer slips her hands into the gloves Schlep will be able to point, gesture - even handle things.

Of course she'll need a third hand to work the mouth.

The limbs and tail are simple sewn tubes fitted like sleeves over the body parts. All other furring was done piece-by-custom-piece and hot-glued into place. Thanks to my wife for teaching me how to use a sewing machine (I think!).

Schlep (on your left)
*Thanks to Out of the Box Community Theatre for permission to post their pictures.

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