Friday, January 9, 2015

Project: Junk Mail

(This is a project I started last year but never got around to publishing. Happy New Year!)

What do you get when you combine wings, tail, jaws and claws with a discarded mailbox?
You get Junk Mail, of course!

Why a mailbox? I've always thought the door resembled the jaws of some creature, maybe an angler fish? Anyway, it's a sturdy, ready-made body. (Do not steal your neighbor's mailbox to make your own.)

Now to make some appendages. Start with fingers of clothes hanger wire wrapped with paper and masking tape.

Make two bat-like hands.

More wire, paper and tape.

More "fingers" and some paper mache'd legs. These were covered in "cloth mache" (a technique perfected by "Dan the Monster Man") and some scales. Claws are of polymer clay.

After puzzling over how to attach the legs securely to metal I cut a piece of press-board to fit the underside of the box, built the legs onto that and then the screwed whole thing to the sheet metal.

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Here's where things start getting nightmare-ish!

I'm sexy and I know it.
Again utilizing a piece of press-board a PM tail was constructed and attached to the box.

Not approved by the Postmaster General!
I thought there were more pictures than this - but let's leap ahead to the wings.

Wing attachment posed a bigger challenge than the legs because there is more stress on the attachment points. The solution: flag-standard holders. These inexpensive metal pieces are engineered to support flags flapping in the breeze - they certainly are strong enough to support wings. 

Wings! A lot of steps are being stepped over to this point. Here the arms have been draped with glue-soaked cloth to make wings. I shortened the upper arms to a more pleasing length and then attached the wings. Attachment points will be covered up eventually.

Wear those wings proudly, son.

Much more "Junk Mail" to come! Don't bother complaining to the Post Office - it's still going to come.

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