Saturday, March 22, 2014

Splatterhouse Terror Mask

A mask tells us more than a face.
Oscar Wilde
I was asked to make a mask from the old arcade game "Splatterhouse", so I started by doing my research.

Once I found the look I wanted it was time to begin. A basic mask form is taped to a backing board.

After covering the base with vaseline and plastic wrap (to make removal easy) the mask form is created using aluminum foil and Super Sculpey. The clay is used only to create the shape; don't heat it!

Two layers of paper mache are laid down using blue shop towels instead of newspaper. Shop towels are both stretchy and tough. The paste includes plaster of Paris1 for strength.

The rough inside after removal from form
I didn't really need to paper the eye ovals since they will be removed anyway. The Sculpey is removed from the mask and saved for future use.

The rough outside
Next: trimming, sanding, applying layers of gesso and final painting.

[1] You can find all the recipes in Jonni Good's excellent book: "How to Make Masks!"

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