Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombie: A Cautionary Tale

Poor Fred was dead.
Now, he's lost his head!

How mortifying!

Fred was about to get a make-over. He was all laid out in my garage/workshop when I discovered that some field mice had gotten in under the door and made a nest in his head. I mean, like overnight! This is very embarrassing for the undead.

I pulled his teeth for later use, and sawed off his head because the varmints had thoroughly destroyed the structural integrity of it and because of the smell.

The moral of this story: Mice love paper mache, so protect your project!

I'm going to try adding something to my paste to discourage rodents; possibly cat scent.

Fortunately, Fred didn't lose something irreplaceable!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Project Glukkon: Meet Spurweehl

Spurweehl the Glukkon


... is finished! To help develop his character I wrote a backstory (below).




Glukkons1 are naturally drawn to power, and use industry as a means to that power. Unfortunately, their race has a history of exploiting2 others along the way, and this Glukkon is no exception.

Fascinated by machines from an early age, Spurweehl devoted himself to the study of mechanical engineering and graduated Magna Cum Gluk from Odd  State University ("Home of the Bug-Eyes!"). He was snatched up by Kawg Gearwerks and quickly rose to the top of his profession. As a Junior Executive he made a name for himself with several patents, including a gear lubrication method based on reclaiming the greasy sweat of the working force. At the same time he promoted healthy hydration with "Spurweehl's Own" liquid refreshment: a sugary, thirst-inducing drink ("Pre-deducted from your pay for your convenience!"). Gaining a reputation as a canny innovator, cost-cutter as well as a snappy dresser, Spurweehl eventually engineered the forcible retirement of old man Kawg and took over the operation of the gearwerks.

 Today, Spurweehl Gearwerks is the top producer of industrial machinery on Oddworld1, supplying such giants as FeeCo Trains1 and Rupture Farms1, and is likely to remain that way as long as Spurweehl stays alert and someone doesn't grease the gears of industry with him!
1 "Glukkons", "Oddworld", "Feeco Trains" and "Rupture Farms" are the creations of Oddworld Inhabitants
Also mashing, pulping, dicing, etc.

 This was my first project involving "monster mud", so it was a learning experience. Monster mud is a 5:1 mixture of drywall compound and paint which will give stiffness to cloth. Originally I bought a thrift store blanket to make into Spuweehl's suit. When dipped in the mud it was so blasted heavy that I had to use it for the pant/skirt only! It's as solid as wood though. A sheet was cut and mudded for the upper body then everything was painted. I thought the shoes looked much better in purple. The gear-shaped platform is necessary to make the figure stable.

Platform and feet
 I equipped him with LED's behind his eyes and a switch on the back of the head.

  The button and crest thing  were plastic toy pieces spray painted gold.

This was also my first attempt at chroma-key (green screen) photography. I did this on the cheap; which was okay, but a good quality screen would work better.

Here we are, having celebratory stogies.

Spurweehl's Statistics:
Height: 6' 9", including base
Weight: 51.2 lbs.
Shoe size: 14 (same as mine)