Saturday, June 9, 2012

Explosive Reading

This is a project I just finished and delivered to my local library for their summer reading program kick-off. As you can see, the theme is "Have a Blast! Read".
"Crazy Harry" is now their unofficial mascot for the summer.

Did somebody say "BLAST"?

There was a lot more construction on this project than usual. Harry is paper mache with PVC pipe legs, Super Sculpey teeth and carved foam tongue. Eyes are ping-pong ball halves. His shoes and pants came from the infant section of the thrift store and my wife did a lovely job making his shirt.

The platform was a small table someone threw out. The sides are covered with faux wood made from insulating foam which I carved and painted.

Don't worry folks, I'm a professional.

That is natural human hair, also from the thrift store!
I tried motorizing his plunger but I'm apparently a better sculptor than engineer.

I'm not only the Hair Club president, I'm also a client.

Hey, why not start your summer reading program today?