Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quab Update

Greetings, quab-people! I finally finished the paint job on this trinocular critter. I used the ends of the paint brush bristles to give it a mottled appearance, and a final coat of polyurethane for shine. Green was my color of choice, though as far as I know, quabs come in all colors.

Presenting some nature pictures of a quab at the beach:

The quab shell is paperclay over paper mache. Paperclay can be sanded and smoothed  to a fine finish or to the limits of your patience - whichever comes first.

Because they are tri-laterally symmetrical, I thought quabs had three eyes. It turns out that in the video game ("Uru: The Path of the Shell") they actually have only two! But that's the great thing about creative art: once you conceive it, it's yours!
So, presenting for the first time on any stage, The Three-Eyed Quab!

You cannot sneak up on a quab.

WARNING: Toe-pinchers will be flipped!
I warned you!

The Quab Dance