Thursday, September 1, 2011

New! Monster Name Generator

Because the population of monsters on this blog continues to increase, I thought it would be handy to have an automatic name generator because, after all, everybody deserves a name! So, I took an existing name generator script and modified it extensively.

Just click on the above nametag or on the link to Monster Name Generator under the Pages section in the sidebar. Create as many names as you want: it won't run out.

What is notable about my script is the use of word modifiers to increase the number of variations.
Ex: "foo" could become "fooer", "fooey", "fooing", "MacFooable", "Foo-Lord III", etc.

I'm sure I'll continue to make improvements to it as time goes on. Send me ideas to make it better, or (clean) words you'd like to see included in the database.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

The Monster Name Generator is based on a free script from Online Name Generators by Niels Gamborg

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