Monday, August 22, 2011

Scream a Little Scream for Me

Well, my most monstrous creation to date is all done, and looking quite evil.

Here I've attached the various pieces to the backing board and begun filling out the contours:

After trimming the backing board:

Here's "Evil Roy" from different angles. I gave  him various "corpsey" features because he's supposed to be partially digested or assimilated or something. This is what you get when you cross "Half-Life" with "Silent Hill".

"Be sure to get my good side!"

My wife asked of the round bits, "Are those Cheerio's?"  No, they are paper-clay Froot-Loops!
She also suggested using yellow for the "good" eye, so I trusted in her fashion sense.

I fought the maw and the maw won.

You can see the Great Stuff used to fill in the voids between the head and side walls:

Evil Roy
In space, no one can hear you Escrima!
Various mounted shots:

Still looking mighty cheerful; some people seem to enjoy looking down on others.

Construction Materials:
cardboard, strip paper mache, paper-clay, cloth, masking tape, table-tennis ball, Sculpey, Great Stuff, coat-hanger wire, paint, clear gloss polyurethane

Keepin' it Real --- Cheap:
I stopped by a dry-cleaner's to ask for wire hangers and the attendant gave me all I could carry!
Asked for "mis-tint" paint at my home builder's store and bought two gallons for $5 each.

Anyway, that's that. Happy paper mache-ing!


  1. Oh. My. Gawd. The tongue makes it particularly nasty! :) Yay!

  2. Thanks, Leslie! Evil Roy is just a harmless, little monster looking for some flower nectar. Ha!


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