Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scream a Little Scream for Me (WIP)

I had a brainstorm about making a human-alien hybrid. This is my creepiest, most horrible project yet; working title, "Scream!" 

Starting with a cranium-sized, paper mache ball, I used a template to create the facial structure. The template is a rubbing from one of my skulls. You do have a spare skull lying about, don't  you? Of course you do.

Here's the basic head and separate jaw, sculpted from cardboard, paper mache, leftover Celluclay and Jonni's paperclay recipe. (I had some neglected Celluclay in the 'fridge and it had only started to go bad after six months!)


Aaaaaah! That's better.

Fang and teeth assemblies drying in the sun. This is my first attempt at making human teeth using polymer clay; in this case, translucent Sculpey. It's easier than you might think.

Here's a video by Criagsboredatwork that shows you how:  How to - Teeth that glow in the dark Pt. 1

I used a rotary tool to create nostrils and other details. The face, painted with a black-ish, bargain paint undercoat, is looking far too cheerful. It came out looking like a Greek comedy mask.
I'll fix that later, because remember: alien possession is no laughing matter!

More to come.


  1. Oh, man! I can't wait to see the finished piece! This is going to be cool.

  2. Thanks, Leslie, I hope it will be.


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