Friday, July 29, 2011

What's in a Name?

RIP Teratologic
Those of you who follow this blog (thank you very much!) may have noticed the name change from Teratologic.com to MonsterMache.net. There's a lesson here that I seem to have to keep relearning: no matter how cute or clever you may think you are being; a website, or domain, name ought to have certain characteristics:

  1. It should be easy to remember, to spell and to type
  2. It should be descriptive or have name recognition
  3. It should contain key words that search engines can find easily
  4. It should appeal to others, not just to you

Teratologic.com, in my mind anyway, was clever*, but failed miserably by the above criteria.  Even with the increasing sophistication of search engines one's domain name is still important. MonsterMache meets all four criteria; especially in the use of key words, because monsters and mache is what this site is all about!

Of course, if you only want to blog for your own enjoyment and don't really care about attracting readers then choose whatever name makes you happy!

* As Tyler Durden asks in Fight Club, "How's that working out for you?"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Current barnacle project: Completed!

Here are pictures of the completed barnacle, as promised. I'm fairly pleased with the way this guy turned out; practice makes perfect! Here he is in his new home on my office ceiling.

Wait a tick ... it's my sister's birthday today, so in her honor I am naming this barnacle after her.
Happy Birthday, Leslie!


Milkah the cat was nearly a casualty. She ran underneath my foot as I was getting down from the stepladder after hanging this critter. (Or maybe I would have been the casualty.)

That sounds like a good safety tip: "Confine all non ceiling-dwelling pets before using a stepladder."

barnacle monster sculpture
The corner-hugging tendril was kind of a happy accident

Here you can plainly see my new tentacle/grabber design.

barnacle monster sculpture with tentacle

Here's a good view of the mouth. I had to lie on the floor to take this shot:

barnacle monster sculpture with tentacle

I think the long tendrils worked out very well as a design element. Leslie looks like he is planning on an extended stay; sort of like when your house guest begins forwarding his mail to your address.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Current barnacle project: post paint

Looking better with a coat of paint, black wash and some extras added. Fangs are masked.

paper mache half-life barnacle

I should be able to show you the completed creature soon.