Friday, June 24, 2011


You say you want a better tentacle? Shucks, who doesn't?

Well here it is: a new, improved, scarier tentacle for the barnacle creature or your favorite graboid. Making the seemingly simple tongue/tentacle/grabby-thing look good was a real challenge until I realized that I didn't have to stick to a script of how a barnacle "ought" to look; so, thinking outside of the barnacle box I gave it a muscular hook, texture and barbs along its length.

Ingredients: Sculpey, coat-hanger wire, 1/2" plastic tubing, plastic grocery bags, hot glue, acrylic paints

1/2" plastic tubing
The tongue was the toughest aspect of this critter for me.


Old and busted
New hotness

The hook is Sculpey built on coat-hanger wire and inserted into the end of the tubing. The tubing (from my local hardware store) was wrapped with strips from plastic grocery bags which were "shrink-wrapped" into place with heat*. Barbs or nemocysts, whatever, are simply hot glue. It looks pretty cool and organic I think. Still to do: coat it with some kind of sealant to protect it.

I'll try to take some better pictures of it and post them.

And a tip of the ol' head-crab hat to Leslie who challenged me to make a scarier tentacle.

*Warning: Do not try melting plastic bags with a flame without adult supervision and in a safe environment. Plastic bag material can burst into flame or drip hot plastic on you.

Head-crab hat image from ThinkGeek.com

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