Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mr. Ogle the Mogul

My youngest child is getting ready to graduate from High School and I promised him I'd help him with his senior display table. One of his interests is videography, so I made him a prop video camera. I borrowed the old-fashioned tripod from a telescope on hand so I didn't have to build one.

Making the film canisters:

You may notice techniques I use which remind you of other artists' methods. That's only because I shamelessly steal useful techniques from everyone I can! (See my links)

Mr. Ogle's body is an empty plastic cat-litter container and lid. Various odds and ends I had been saving were used as eye candy.

A discarded walkway lamp provided the lens housing and tripod mount.

"Waste not, want not"
Milkah is ready for "Lights! Camera! --- Inaction!"

The eye is painted paper clay.
The mouth was fashioned from egg carton scraps and cloth mache.

Robert wanted an old-fashioned hand crank, so I bent the bail from the kitty-litter container into a crank.
Note the subtle big, red "record" button.

It's now the Mache, it's now the MonsterMache.net
Whimsical or hideous? You decide.
Ya got a bit of droop in yer dingus, there.
Ya might want to get that looked at ya know?

VoilĂ ! An exact replica of a Hollywood movie camera (in Loony Tune land!)

Here's lookin' at you kid.

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