Monday, May 2, 2011

Head Shots

hydralisk head

Start with a good 'ol ball shape.

Many thanks to Scott at Stolloween for his great tutorials and helpful tips on paper mache construction.

paper mache head

Lower jaw construction:

Outer mandible construction. I made them as one piece, with a wire stiffener, then cut them apart:

Yard-sign wire makes a good framework for the head. It's sturdy, flexible and free!

Chalkboard: a cheap way (are you noticing a trend here?) to lay out the full-scale plan.

I found hot glue to be superior to staples for holding cardboard pieces together.
This is the second version of the head "shield" piece - I tore up the previous one because it didn't have enough arch to it. I'm much happier with this one. I'm not under a deadline so I'm taking my time to make it to my own satisfaction.

hydralisk head armature

The underside; before and after detailing with Jonni's paperclay:

The paperclay adds amazing strength as well as detail.

Ginger: not to be confused with a Ginger Snap.
Jaw underside with support rod:

I needed to construct a sturdy head support before going much farther. This is my third version of a support, and I think I got it right this time. Paper mache is a very forgiving medium.

Still needing outer mandibles attached, eyes installed, etc.

Much work still to do; maybe some dental surgery. Looking forward to showing you the completed head.

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