Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mr. Ogle the Mogul

My youngest child is getting ready to graduate from High School and I promised him I'd help him with his senior display table. One of his interests is videography, so I made him a prop video camera. I borrowed the old-fashioned tripod from a telescope on hand so I didn't have to build one.

Making the film canisters:

You may notice techniques I use which remind you of other artists' methods. That's only because I shamelessly steal useful techniques from everyone I can! (See my links)

Mr. Ogle's body is an empty plastic cat-litter container and lid. Various odds and ends I had been saving were used as eye candy.

A discarded walkway lamp provided the lens housing and tripod mount.

"Waste not, want not"
Milkah is ready for "Lights! Camera! --- Inaction!"

The eye is painted paper clay.
The mouth was fashioned from egg carton scraps and cloth mache.

Robert wanted an old-fashioned hand crank, so I bent the bail from the kitty-litter container into a crank.
Note the subtle big, red "record" button.

It's now the Mache, it's now the MonsterMache.net
Whimsical or hideous? You decide.
Ya got a bit of droop in yer dingus, there.
Ya might want to get that looked at ya know?

VoilĂ ! An exact replica of a Hollywood movie camera (in Loony Tune land!)

Here's lookin' at you kid.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here's my first (incomplete) attempt at building a body armature using scrap lumber, 2L soda bottles, etc.:

Bulky, inflexible - heavy; it just never felt right.

Attempt #2 using corrugated cardboard, hot glue, etc.:

Sleek, supple and lightweight! A 2x4 is integral to the creature instead of being a platform.
This version will have a much better chance of finding a mate because, guys - looks do count!

I hated to discard the work I had put into the first one, but it was worth it.
Chalk it up to experience.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Head Shots

hydralisk head

Start with a good 'ol ball shape.

Many thanks to Scott at Stolloween for his great tutorials and helpful tips on paper mache construction.

paper mache head

Lower jaw construction:

Outer mandible construction. I made them as one piece, with a wire stiffener, then cut them apart:

Yard-sign wire makes a good framework for the head. It's sturdy, flexible and free!

Chalkboard: a cheap way (are you noticing a trend here?) to lay out the full-scale plan.

I found hot glue to be superior to staples for holding cardboard pieces together.
This is the second version of the head "shield" piece - I tore up the previous one because it didn't have enough arch to it. I'm much happier with this one. I'm not under a deadline so I'm taking my time to make it to my own satisfaction.

hydralisk head armature

The underside; before and after detailing with Jonni's paperclay:

The paperclay adds amazing strength as well as detail.

Ginger: not to be confused with a Ginger Snap.
Jaw underside with support rod:

I needed to construct a sturdy head support before going much farther. This is my third version of a support, and I think I got it right this time. Paper mache is a very forgiving medium.

Still needing outer mandibles attached, eyes installed, etc.

Much work still to do; maybe some dental surgery. Looking forward to showing you the completed head.