Sunday, April 24, 2011

God's WIP

I just recently learned about the passing away last week of John "Jonty" Jones, a well-known paper mache artist who lived in the U.K. In the short time that I've known of Jonty and his work I've gained inspiration and several useful tips from his blog: Darkside Creations. Surfing over to his site once again and looking at some of his Works In Progress, my first thought was, what a shame that those projects will forever remain unfinished. But my second thought was, it's not the uncompleted projects that are a shame, but the ones that are never begun! Every one of us has ideas that yearn to take form; don't leave them unrealized.

I did not know Jonty personally, but from what I've seen of his blog, he was a man of boundless energy and imagination, who took the time to share his discoveries and experience with others.

I hope that when the end of my life comes, I will leave so many works-in-progress behind that they become an inspiration to other artists and an inconvenience to my children!

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  1. Thanks for the nice post Lyman. I did know Jonty personally, and he was all that you mentioned. He will indeed be missed.


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