Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valve Software

My son, Robert, and I had the opportunity to fly to Bellevue, WA (near Seattle) and present a barnacle sculpture to the guys who created the Half-Life games: Valve Software. The barnacle was well-received - even by Ted who invented the thing! It was a humbling experience to see my custom model along-side professionally-made models.
L-R: Ted Backman, Lyman w/ barnacle, Robert, Chris Green

In the wild, just before capture
Here it is in it's new home at Valve. (Photo courtesy of Courtney Hebb)

Home, sweet home

We weren't allowed to take a camera past the lobby: Portal™ technology is still hush-hush.

The Valve
Head-crabs need love too!

Lyman, Robert and Lamarr

"Water-laser" cut steel panel
The automated sentry gun was way cool. It startled me when I walked near and it began tracking my movements and firing.  Sentry Gun Video

Working model automatic Sentry Gun! (Created by WETA Workshop)


  1. This is so completely awesome! The barnacle is gorgeous... er, for lack of a better word. : )

  2. Thanks, Haadi! I worked very hard on this piece - glad you like it!

    (Barnacles - they're not just something you scrape off your keel.)


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