Friday, July 23, 2010

The Hindenbug

starcraft overlord
"There is no string."
"Oh, the humanity!"

They say you never forget your first monster: this bloated, gas-filled, tick-like creature drifting overhead is your basic eye in the sky.
And he's watching you.

Spikes, claws, jaws, horns, pustules - this guy's got it all!

Construction: paper mache, cloth, wire, Sculpey, glass beads, paint and "Great Stuff" for the scabrous flesh.

Inspiration: Zerg Overlord from Blizzard's amazing strategy game, StarCraft.

starcraft overlord side view
"Spawn more Overlords!"

starcraft overlord face
A face only a Cerebrate™ could love.

starcraft overlord rear view
Fear the poogina --- FEAR IT!


  1. I love your work. Any tips for an aspiring creature creator?

  2. Thanks DP, I appreciate the praise!

    As for tips:

    * Study blogs by those who are doing it. There are some excellent ones out there and "Dan the Monster Man" has a terrific site, complete with detailed tutorials. (Read his books, too!) Dan's blog inspired me to start.
    * Design or pick a subject that really excites your imagination - (that way you'll stick with it) and get started!

    I look forward to seeing your creature creations!


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