Friday, July 23, 2010


"Barnacle Man, Barnacle Man, doin' the things a barnacle can ..."

This ceiling-dwelling predator known as a "barnacle" extends its long, prehensile tentacle and patiently waits for prey to wander near so it can snatch them and draw them into the waiting jaws. Once snared, few victims escape its fangs.

Not suitable for homes with small pets.

Construction: cardboard, household plastic items, paper mache, cloth and Sculpey.

hanging half-life barnacle
Just hangin', chillin'.

half-life barnacle on ground
In stalag-mite mode
cat teasing half-life barnacle
"Here, kitty kitty!"
Inspiration: The "Barnacle" from Valve's awesome "Half-Life" fps game series.
half-life barnacle mouth
You can tell a lot about someone by looking at his maw.

The Hindenbug

starcraft overlord
"There is no string."
"Oh, the humanity!"

They say you never forget your first monster: this bloated, gas-filled, tick-like creature drifting overhead is your basic eye in the sky.
And he's watching you.

Spikes, claws, jaws, horns, pustules - this guy's got it all!

Construction: paper mache, cloth, wire, Sculpey, glass beads, paint and "Great Stuff" for the scabrous flesh.

Inspiration: Zerg Overlord from Blizzard's amazing strategy game, StarCraft.

starcraft overlord side view
"Spawn more Overlords!"

starcraft overlord face
A face only a Cerebrate™ could love.

starcraft overlord rear view
Fear the poogina --- FEAR IT!